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you’ve found the spot where I keep a lot of words. welcome. hope you like it here! (but no pressure if you don’t. I’ll be writing either way.)

a new thing

a new thing

School is starting and backpacks are filling with all of my favorite little must-haves. The pencils, the cap erasers, the brand. new. crayons. I saw Five Star glitter folders at Target the other day and just about lost my mind.

If the children can't have Lisa Frank, glitter will have to do. 

This all means Fall is coming. And layers. And pumpkin spice. And #basic. And in the back of my mind, I hear Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan bantering about bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. 

Spring may be when new growth blooms, but Fall feels like a cozy, homey, new-but-lived-in beginning. 

In first grade, I got in trouble often for either:
A. Taking too long to finish my handwriting worksheet
B. Turning my handwriting worksheet in with several holes in it
C. Both A and B

For the record, printing handwriting worksheets on that dingy, gray recycled paper was not a winner of an idea. 

I had to get every letter of every word just right. I would erase and erase until there was no paper left to work with. All I had to show for myself were holes, eraser marks, and a few less than perfect words. 

In an attempt to have a perfect page, I missed the point. 

I started blogging in college at 18. For the past 8 years, I was inconsistent, unpredictable, and ultimately terrible at blogging. I don't even think I like the word "blogging." That's how bad I've been at it. 

I wanted every letter of every word to be just right and in an attempt to have the perfect blog, I missed the point of that, too. 

But this is a new thing.
This is a new page.
There won't be holes here.

I won't erase or cover up or try to redo the places I feel I've messed up. I don't need to be perfect for you, right?--just honest. I'm going to share my heart and whatever's in my head and maybe once in a while it will be funny. 

Thanks for taking a peek at this new thing.

float where your tube floats

float where your tube floats