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God speaks and Texas is the best.

God speaks and Texas is the best.

I spent last weekend in the middle of Texas Nowhere--and I'm going to tell you all about that--but since I received some flack from a friend this week for (correctly) believing that Texas is the best everything, please allow me a moment to muse on the subject. We hardly even knew there were other ice cream brands besides Blue Bell. So we have Blue Bell. And we're loyal. We have homecoming mums and cult-like college followings and big cities and hill country. We have big hair and really great tacos and people actually say "howdy." To 49 other states and Puerto Rico and the rest of the world, it may seem foreign. We seem silly. But we don't care. We are from a place where, if you run into trouble (like a rough day, or a big loss, or if you physically ran your truck into a cow named Trouble), someone will literally pull you up by your bootstraps and say, "It'll be alright. You're still one of us. I've seen worse and this'll fix easy."

There's all that, plus in less than 2 hours, I can go from the middle of Houston to here. Where there's nothing for miles and all you can see is sky. So, yeah. Best. 

Becky Kiser of Sacred Holidays, Lauren of Tone & State, and I all met up at Wellspring Retreat in Round Top to break away from the busy and spend time writing, editing, praying, and preparing for the Sacred Holidays Advent devotionals (more on those to come soon!) 

But Wellspring. 

Y'all. This was the sweetest, most peaceful, gorgeous little getaway. Ya' need to go.


They spoiled us. We were so welcomed and well-fed each morning. I think breakfast may be one of my love languages. One-on-one time, snuggles, puns, and food in the morning. All my loves. 

I spent the weekend on that little couch, curled up with my Bible, laptop, a notepad, and Sharpies. I got reminded in the sweetest way that when we ask God to speak, we find--or I do, anyway--He has been speaking for a while. We've been too loud, too busy, too prideful, too fearful, too anything-but-quiet and we've missed it. He is faithful to speak and I'm grateful He doesn't mind repeating Himself. 

I think you should go to Wellspring. I think you should go there and rest and ask God to speak and then hear what He's already been saying to you. I think you should get to see a dear frolic across a field in the sunset, too, because that was great. 

But if you can't get there, I still hope you get to quiet your heart and listen. Let His faithfulness deepen your gratefulness. 

Do you have any favorite places like this in the best-ever-state-of-Texas? I've been working on a Texas bucket list and would love some ideas!! 

nothing to fear

nothing to fear

float where your tube floats

float where your tube floats