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my birthday words: #1

my birthday words: #1

If you read yesterday's post, you know what's happening here. If not, let me catch you up: 
- It's not my birthday. Don't panic ;) 
- On my birthday, a friend asked me to share some words of wisdom, the biggest things I'd learned in my 27th year of life. (Also, isn't it so weird how birthdays work? On my birthday, I turned 27. 27 years old, which means I'm now living my 28th year of life. I know that makes sense, but it throws me off.)
- I'm a little late (5 months), but I'm now sharing all those birthday words here with you. 
- Today we begin with #1:

There are some things you need to do before you think you're ready to do them.

You need to try something new even if it scares you to death. 

You've got to taste the pineapple jalapeño popsicle before you've had too long to think about it. It's gonna be gross, but you've gotta try it, and now you can say you have.

You should take the leap and rent the apartment or host the party or show up to that thing all by yourself or say hi to that person you thought you'd never see again. 

You're not ready. You know that. But if you don't do it now, you never will. 

In the last year, I've done all of those things, but more than anything I needed to write a Bible study. And then another one. And then another one. Writing has always been a dream of mine--a heart half-to, really--ever since I was a little girl scribbling stories in my homemade "books," pieces of copy paper tied together with curling ribbon. 

It was always a someday, though. Someday when I have more to say. Someday when I have more life experience. Someday when I'm older. Someday when I'm not single. (What the heck does that have to do with anything?) Someday when ____________. 

Thankfully, I had a friend who said no to all of that. "No, not someday," she said. "Today." 

I needed someone to say it. I needed to hear it to learn it. So if that's you, I'm sayin' it. 

You're not ready, but today is the day. If you don't do it now, you never will. 

What have you been waiting to do? What do you need to start TODAY? 

life motto: part one

life motto: part one

my birthday words: 27

my birthday words: 27