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everybody loves less dishes

everybody loves less dishes

I love and I hate the Whole30
Really I hate it completely, but my body loves it. 

I sleep better (which is the only selling point I need because I LOVE SLEEP), think more clearly, feel better, have healthier skin, and breathe easier in my skinny jeans. Wins all around. 

For me to fly through a successful Whole30 (which truly does feel like flying at a certain point...but more like crawling through peanut butter at the beginning—but not peanut butter ‘cause ya can’t have that), I have got to be ready and willing to cook all the things, for all the meals, for all the days; and that works best for me by cooking big meals that will last for days. I’ve created a catch phrase for this and I think we should all make it a thing, ok? Batch cook to make your week shook. Let’s make it happen. 

But the dishes. Y’all. The dishes.

Whether I’m in a real-deal Whole30 or just incorporating more plan-approved meals into my life (you can read all the details at Whole30.com, but basically you’re looking at meals free of dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, chemicals, additives, and junk), I like to get most of my cooking for the week out of the way on Sunday. Which can mean, again, a lot of dishes. Even if I’m throwing together something on a weeknight, I am just not. about. A sink full of dishes to take care of when I’m finished actually cooking. 

So I simplify. 

I’m the girl who carries everything in from the car in one trip, even if it means my hand is numb for the next few hours. Obviously, I’d be the one to make a whole meal on one cookie sheet. I’m stubborn for sure and also efficient. Balance, people. 

My approach to a one-pan-meal is pretty casual. If it’s in the kitchen and it sounds good, chop it up, mix it up, and throw it in the oven—but I know that doesn’t work for everyone and you came here for detailed instructions. I'm rarely a recipe follower and I'm definitely not a food blogger, but I’m going to do my best and just tell you exactly what I did for this one pictured below, but know this—PUT WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT on your pan. Love chick peas? Add them. Hate brussel sprouts? Don’t bring them into the safe and restful place that is your home. This is your pan and your life and this recipe is merely a suggestion. 

3 cups fresh broccoli florets
2 cups halved brussel sprouts
1 cup yellow pepper
1 cup snap peas
2-3 red or new potatoes, cubed
4 chicken apple sausages, cut
1 cup grape tomatoes
3 tabelspoons olive oil
Garlic Salt

Preheat oven to 425. 
Throw everything (EXCEPT tomatoes. We’re saving those till later so they don’t explode and turn this into a pasta sauce) on the pan. Toss your pile of goodness in olive oil and liberally douse in seasonings (let’s not make this bland, guys). 

The photo on the left below is before (minus tomatoes, of course...and potatoes because I thought to add them after I'd already put everything in the oven and quickly pulled it all back out and tossed them in. Like I said. Not a professional.)

Put in oven for 10 minutes, then pull out and toss it all around, and put back in the oven for 10 more minutes. Remove sheet from oven, toss again, add tomatoes, and return to oven. Broil on high for 3-5 minutes, so really 4 minutes—just be careful, ok! This is where things get crispy and delicious but it could also all turn to ash, so watch yourself. Then scoop it up and enjoy!! 

The temperature and the cook times are probably going to be pretty standard regardless of your choices, but you can literally do this with anything. Change the veggies based on your preferences and mix it up with different meats. I want to try one next week with some strips of skirt steak and onion in the mix. When you’re all finished, you’re washing a cookie sheet, spatula, knife, cutting board, and plates—and you made a really healthy meal for your family or your friends or for yourself for days and your fingers aren’t even pruny from dishwater. Congratulations. 

Are you going to try it?! Questions?? 
What are you going to add or leave off your pan?

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put me in, coach

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